Customers First

VIRALL takes pride in serving you
VIRALL cares greatly to assure that our customers do understand our products, report any concerns or problems, value their experience with us, and have open communication channels with us.

VIRALL offers the following products:

  1. Innovation: Any person or team of people who have an innovative idea that might lead to a product or a business startup seeking mentorship and or fund should apply by filling the innovation form.
  2. R&D on Demand: Companies that have research requirements, need to outsource researchers, seek experts’ consultancy, open for technology funding, and patent or new innovative products acquisition are welcomed partners and should fill out the company form. On the other hand, researchers within our supported technology, science, engineering, agriculture, pharmaceutical and medical field who wish to work on industrial projects or market their innovative research should register with us and fill out the researcher form.
  3. Research: this program is designed to help researchers allocate research fund.
  4. Employment Opportunity: Graduates in the fields we promote (technology, science, engineering, agriculture, pharmaceutical and medical) with B GPA or above and seeking challenging and high profile jobs are encouraged to fill out the career form.

Companies that are seeking top graduate should not miss on this opportunity to find its future stars, our database has the best and the brightest in their field.