VIRALL believes in building teams and bridging knowledge with business.
R&D on Demand

Dear Partners,

Human resources are the most expensive factor in business. Finding the best manpower is not an easy task. Keeping an edge on the competitors requires innovation, R&D and hard work. Our R&D on Demand is here to help you keep an edge on your competition.

R&D is so costly and requires top qualified manpower. Hence, we introduce our R&D on Demand business unit to serve your needs. Our knowledge pool of top researchers, research teams, and innovators is at your service to work on a solution for your business problems. Sign in, fill out the R&D on Demand form and we will recruit the best researchers to work out a solution for you when possible. We will introduce the researchers to you and manage the project from contracts, security of information, finance, etc., perspective.


Dear Researchers,

Many ideas come and go looking for funds, sponsors or buyers. We are encouraging you to register with us and post your well thought matured projects and let VIRALL find a partner for you. A partner who is interested in your idea or a spin-off of it.