Make VIRALL your knowledge sharing platform with rewards


Any new idea that is still at the development stages requires some form of authentication, guidance, and financial support among other requirements. Mentors are our first line of authentication. Hence, they will give their scientific or market approval to the idea. Mentors are our partners from the initial stages, Mentors who will advance to be participating advisors to the innovators will be entitled to a partner’s share in the outcome.

Who Can Be A Mentor?

Any individual with one or more of the following criteria:

  • Technical expertise
  • Academic knowledge
  • Industrial expertise
  • Market knowledge

Why You Should Be A Mentor?

Exposure To New Innovations:

each in his or her field will get the chance to review submitted innovative ideas by the innovators. This should give excellent exposure to new innovation trends and thinking direction of intellectual minds in their field.

About And Join Our Activities:

VIRALL will hold different activities such as seminars, conferences, training, scientific contests, etc. our mentors will be in the center of all such functions.


VIRALL will be glad to issue reference letters to active mentor members upon request.


VIRALL holds a large and diverse network of innovators, researchers, market experts, industrial leaders, venture capitalists, professors, etc. being a member of such a network should be a great benefit to any member of our network.

Volunteer work:

many people find joy in voluntary work, and what better voluntary work than that of knowledge sharing and intellectual guidance of innovator? It is our goal at VIRALL to guide, support and enhance the life, career and future of intelligent individuals who seek a better life for themselves, and positive contributions to humanity.

What Is Expected Of Mentors?

Mentors are expected to participate in VIRALL’s different programs and projects:

  • Project feasibility
  • Project adviser
  • Contest judging
  • Seminar participation

List Of Mentors

John Doe

Mai Taha

John Doe

Mai Taha

John Doe

Walaa Elghitany

John Doe

Nadia Abou EL Ela