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Join our confidential money-making Referral Agent program NOW.
                     VIRALL is inviting you to join our marketing team by utilizing your contacts ONLY. Our program is open for all, regardless of your profession, position, employer, location, company size, etc.
No Target: you are an agent just by filling out the Referral Agent Form with no obligation for annual targets in dollar amount or project counts.
Limit: There is no limit to the number of projects that you may bring to VIRALL, hence no cap to how much you may earn through our program.
Employment Contract: You are not required to sign any contract or agreement that might impact your current employment or your other activities.
No Disclosed Information: your information and enrollment in our program are confidential unless you choose to disclose it. Hence, VIRALL shall not share or allow access to your information as a referral agent.
Expiry Date: your Referral Agent status with us does not have any expiry date, hence you will earn a share at anytime the opportunity is there.

How does this program work?
  1. Sign up as a referral agent by filling out the Referral Agent Form
  2. Search our list of projects and see if you can market any of our innovative products, patents, startups, or researchers’ expertise.
  3. You may request a project for our R&D on Demand program and we will source the right researchers for it, if it is within our research fields.
  4. Post your inquiry via the dashboard using the Referral Agent option.
  5. We will contact you via the dashboard or other contact options to discuss the project.
  6. You will be informed as soon as the deal is closed with the proposed party.
  7. VIRALL guarantees your compensation as a cut of its profit from the project.
  8. Your cut will be 5% of the profit earned from this project by VIRALL.

How will I get paid?
  1. You will be contacted by VIRALL once the project is concluded.
  2. You will be informed of the dollar amount you earned from that project.
  3. VIRALL will request your bank account details to transfer your money.

What other benefits I will get by joining this program?
  1. Contribute to the advancement of your company.
  2. Save your company money and effort by partnering with VIRALL.
  3. Gain status at your company by being informed of the latest technologies, innovations, and products that impact your company.
  4. Contribute to the advancement of research in other countries (this might be your mother country. Therefore, if you are originally from the MENA region, we highly encourage you to join this program. It will bring benefits to researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, skilled and talented graduates, and universities in your mother country).
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