Research Center

Universities have so much knowledge and research ability to offer to the market. Individual researchers are so important to VIRALL and its customers in terms of innovation and R&D on Demand projects. Moreover, the various research centers that the universities have, have so much to contribute to the bridging partnership between academic institutions and various companies and industries.

We welcome our partner universities to direct their research centers to promote their capabilities, know-how, and services. Filling out the Research Center Form will enlist you in our database and makes you available to our industry partners.

VIRALL presents opportunities to its partners to meet, to serve each other to advance their causes in innovation, to market competitiveness and to bring research fund to research centers, etc.

We encourage our partners to take advantage of the knowledge and services provided by these research centers. VIRALL believes that this cooperation should empower our industry partners and strengthen their competitive advantage in the market, as well as cut research and service costs.

List of research centers

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