Research is True Value

VIRALL optimizes research outcomes of it's Devoted Researchers


Innovation, knowledge advancement, economic growth … all require advanced research programs. Such programs require the following:

Devoted Researchers:

intelligent, committed, open minded to commercially driven research and a positive contributor in a collaborative multidisciplinary research team.

If you are a qualified person, specialized in any of our research fields, and meet the Devoted Researcher criteria shown earlier, we invite you to register with us and welcome you to our team of researchers.


For research to bare valuable results, adequate fund must be available. At VIRALL we strongly believe that financial resources are a driving force for committed researchers and is a basic means for valuable outcomes. Hence, we work hard to resource funds from private and public sectors alike.


We established that research highly depends on qualified manpower and funds. Therefore, VIRALL is committed to build bridges that will bring about collaborative partnership between minds across its ecosystem of universities on one hand, and private sector, national and international research funds on the other hand.

Actionable Research

We at VIRALL are introducing the term “Actionable Research”. Yes, most professors at universities are focused on research publication, however, we are focusing on marketable and funded research. We are interested in promoting the type of research that brings industry closer to academia and in focused funded research that contributes to national strategic plans in knowledge advancements.

Moreover, we are targeting researchers who are true believers in innovative research, students’ involved research, market acquired research projects, and marketable researched solutions. This is what we call Actionable Research, when researchers work with peers and students to meet the demands of industry and national research programs.

We hope that you are a devoted researcher who believes in our actionable research concept. If you are, then please join our team by completing the researcher form to start our research venture together.

What we offer for researchers?

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